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Osteoarthritis- A Disease Affecting Millions, What Current Studies Say About It

Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the commonest types of arthritis in both India and worldwide. The joint condition generally results from the breakdown of the joint cartilage and the bone. Its victims are commonly aged 50 and above, but studies indicate that before the age of 45, the disease occurs more frequently in males. OA […]

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Soft Drinks & Bad Knees! – Is There Any Link Between These Drinks & Osteoarthritis?

We generally know quite a number of arthritis causes and basically osteoarthritis. The deeper we proceed with research, the more we learn that trouble lies in our habits and lifestyle. Recently, a conducted study linked osteoarthritis to soft drinks. How could this be? Soft drinks are generally part of everyone’s lifestyle. If not a cup […]

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Considering Hip Replacement due to Osteoarthritis? What Do Orthopaedic Doctors Say?

An insight on Osteoarthritis and whether everyone can put up with a surgery. Osteoarthritis has for decades affected ageing individuals, but lately, the victims are increasing. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that triggers damage and loss of cartilage in one or more of the body joints. Osteoarthritis commonly affects the older adults or the […]

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Can Cracking My Knuckles Trigger Arthritis?

What are Knuckles? You may have heard of this term or not, but either way, knuckles are parts of your fingers where the bone extends up in case you fold the hand or fingers. Cracking knuckles is commonly done during any activity that involves your hands, such as typing or writing. The exercise in simple […]

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Why Are Women More Getting Osteoarthritis?

According to orthopaedic studies, the incidence of osteoarthritis in men and women increases with age. However, more cases of arthritis are diagnosed in women after the age of 55 than in males. Studies, as well as orthopaedic doctors, stress that the number of women suffering from osteoarthritis after the age of 55 is significantly higher […]