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Knee Replacement Surgery Archives -

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Answers to Some Questions About Total Knee Replacement By Tanveer Singh Bhutani

Knee replacement is a totally safe and secure procedure for those who are unable to get rid of severe pain and stiffness due to injury or overage. Who is the perfect candidate for knee replacement surgery? The person who is suffering from severe pain, inflammation, and stiffness in joints are eligible for knee replacement. Mostly, […]

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Is it Good To replace Both Knees at Once?

You might not know this that there is knee replacement available for replacing both knee joint. This is also referred to as bilateral knee replacement surgery. The treatment is best for those who are facing the issue of severe arthritis as it really helps the patient to restore the normal working routine again. In case […]

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What Knee Implant is considered as the best?

Knee replacement surgery is the most common procedure which is performed around the globe to relieve the patients from knee pain and other conditions related to it. The statistics related to it is alarmingly high, with over 500,000 replacements occurring every year in the USA alone. The number of knee replacement cases is expected to […]

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Sports And Activities Ideal After A Total Knee Replacement

A knee replacement surgery is a bad news for the sportsperson. He might start visualizing himself as spending an inactive lifestyle. But your fears are unfounded if you are thinking on those lines. Yes, you may require some time to return to your normal activities but it definitely won’t amount to spending sedentary lifestyle all […]

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Risks You Are Prone To If You Delay Your Knee Replacement

Knee pain is seen to be a common health complaint. We often dismiss it as a normal part of aging. Most of us tend to think that such a condition needs no medical intervention and it can be alleviated with the use of an ointment or taking pain killers. The pain is sometimes so much […]

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How To Decide It Is Time To Go For Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is also known as knee arthroscopy which is performed to get relieved from severe knee pain. This surgery is also useful to treat damaged bone and cartilage. Your surgeon may replace your cartilage with the artificial joint of metal and plastic. Many old people encounter this problem because their joints cannot move […]

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Causes of Inner Knee Pain and Treatments available

Knee pain is one of the common problems. It can happen due to different knee condition or due to any knee injury. The inside of your knee is called the medial knee. It is one of the complex joints in your body and it can get injured very easily. The most common reason that you […]

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Risk Factors Associated with Chronic Knee Pain

The joints in our body such as knees, shoulders, elbows, and ankles are more prone to injury, damage, and pain. It is not a critical condition but it can restrict you to perform your daily activities. You are able to do your work on time and sometimes you need the help of others to get […]

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Tips on What To Eat In Order To Handle Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Anyone who is suffering from osteoarthritis knows the importance of having healthy, anti-inflammatory foods, and not having spicy, fatty, or fried foods. The foods contribute to pain, swelling, and stiffness related to the joint disorder. Eating a proper diet can help in managing or maintaining proper weight because being overweight also adds on to the […]

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Things You Must Know About Knee Replacement Surgery For Women

Knee Replacement in Women Arthritis is the primary reason for knee replacement surgery. Also, ladies have higher rates of joint pain as compared to men. These days around 60% of knee replacement medical procedures are performed on ladies. Recently, one study revealed that researchers discovered a new technique named as “gender-specific knee replacement”. This is […]