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What I Can Expect Before, During And After Knee Arthroplasty

In modern time all are having sedentary lifestyle which leads to various health issues including problem of weight gain, joint pain or laziness etc. today it is common to hear about knee pain among youngsters even it can be due to various reasons but the common reasons can be age and some serious injury happened to the person.

Painful knee becomes the hurdle for the people to move ahead in life with the comfortable and smooth functioning of legs.

For painful knees patient medical science has been proved as the blessing as the surgical and non-surgical both kind of treatments are available that can help the patient to get relief from pain and top get freedom from the restriction of mobility.

Before going for the knee replacement surgery in India it is important to be aware of what happened before, during and after the surgery. So following facts can clear your all facts about the knee replacement

 Is total knee replacement can even help patients that have osteoarthritis pain?

Is total knee replacement can even help patients that have osteoarthritis pain?

Total knee replacement surgery is a result oriented technique to let the patients free from painful knee but other than it, techniques like partial knee replacements are also available that can help the patient.

If we talk about osteoarthritis patients then on the primary level orthopaedic doctor in India advice them for light exercise and therapies but if the patient does not get any relief then knee replacement has been recommended for the permanent solution.

Is the procedure safe?Is the procedure safe?

Knee replacement is known for its safe results however the fraction of patients may suffer some complications like infection after surgery, blood clots, damage of blood vessels surrounding the tissue, defected or rejection of implant and mild pain.

 What is the recovery period?

What is the recovery period?

 Within week patient can walk but it can take few days to resume normal activities of routine. For some weeks patients are even asked for some little exercises and therapies to recover from surgery. After few weeks patient can get back to his normal life

What happens during the surgery?

During surgery, the patient has been given general anaesthesia and then cannula is injected from the small incision done in the targeted area. Then new prosthesis has been implanted in the place of the damaged and painful knee. Either cement or some other material is used to join the implants and artificial parts with the thigh bone, knee cap.

Am I the candidate for knee replacement?

Am I the candidate for knee replacement?

If you are more than 50 years and severe arthritis patient then you are the candidate for knee replacement surgery. Apart from this if you have any injury of the knee without any gap between both knees.

How long can I work with the new implant?

In the initial time, standard time for the life of new implant was 10 years but advancements of technology have made many changes so now implant can do proper functioning for 20 years even as many improvements have been done in the material used to join bones and new implant material.

All the above facts can aware you about knee replacement surgery but still, before going through the procedure, it is important to discuss with your doctor.

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