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What is Arthritis knee Swelling – Tips to Reduce It

Arthritis knee swelling is additionally known as knee effusion which depicts the problem with the knee. This condition is caused due to minor injury which can lead to severe pain. Swelling and inflammation is the primary symptom of this condition. In addition, this knee swollen problem does not nay medical help, you can treat it with natural ways or with R.I.C.E formula. In this formula, you have to rub some ice cubes on the affected area and do some knee or leg exercises. If you cannot get relief from these natural things then you should visit a doctor and get arthritis treatment.

Different Ways To Reduce Arthritis Knee Swelling

You must apply R.I.C.E formula it will give you real relief. This formula is explained as rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

R.I.C.E. Formula

Rest-: You should take proper rest if you are a sports person then you must take a break from your activities. Because they may increase your knee swelling. You should take a day off because you will definitely get relief from knee swelling with this formula.

Ice-: You should rub some ice cubes on the affected and swollen knee for 10-15 minutes 4 times a day. In addition, you should not directly apply the ice to the swollen area, you should wrap a cotton cloth over an ice cube. After that, you should apply it on your knee. It will give you relief from the pain and inflammation. You must keep in mind not to get heat therapies because these may worsen your condition.

Compression-: You should wrap the compression bandage over the affected area. It is useful to give you relief from swelling and pain.   

Elevation-: You should sit down with the leg elevated on a stool. You will definitely get relief from severe pain and swelling. Or you can lie down on the floor and elevate your foot on the pillow, it is useful to reduce blow flow and reduce inflammation.

There are other ways to reduce knee swelling such as diet, weight loss, and massage.

You should massage your swollen knee with the essential oils. You must use your hands to massage and do it 4 times a day for quick recovery.

Moreover, if you are obese you should maintain a healthy weight in order to reduce the risk of serious health conditions. You should also stick on a healthy and balanced diet. A healthy diet is useful to get relief from inflammation and pain.

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