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Answers to Some Questions About Total Knee Replacement By Tanveer Singh Bhutani

Knee replacement is a totally safe and secure procedure for those who are unable to get rid of severe pain and stiffness due to injury or overage.

Who is the perfect candidate for knee replacement surgery?

The person who is suffering from severe pain, inflammation, and stiffness in joints are eligible for knee replacement. Mostly, old age people take this treatment but sometimes, younger ones also need to go through this treatment because of injury or damage to joint.

When is the right time to get this knee replacement surgery?

First, you have to go through physical examination, in which your doctor examine your health and joint condition. After then he may suggest you some oral medications according to your condition. If you are unable to treat your condition then, he will surely recommend your surgery. He may recommend you to go through total knee replacement if you are suffering from joint damage.

Is there any type of precautions which I need to follow prior to surgery?

Yes, of course, if you are obese then you have to maintain a healthy weight so that you can get rid of the pain. And you should stick to a healthy diet and avoid smoking or consuming other types of drugs because these will make your condition worse. Moreover, you need to follow all the instructions which are given by your doctor.

Is there any type of alternative to knee surgery?

Yes, but knee replacement is the best solution, other alternatives just give you some time relief from pain and stiffness. These include lifestyle changes, physical activities, maintain a healthy weight, eat healthily, acupuncture, and prolotherapy. If you want to get rid of severe pain, then you need to practice physical activities daily because these are helpful to maintain a healthy weight as well.

How much time the surgeon will take to perform knee surgery?

Well, this surgical procedure only takes 2 hours, and you do not need to worry about much time. Because you can also go back to your home on the same day or very next day according to your health condition.

What to expect during the surgery or what type of material is used to make artificial knee?

Your surgeon may give you local anesthesia so that you cannot face any type of discomfort during the surgery. Then he will make 2-3 small incisions in order to replace your affected knee with a new one. This process is known as knee implantation.

Moreover, your artificial knee is made of metal and grade plastic and your surgeon seal these both the components with the help of bone cement.

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