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How Alec Baldwin’s Hip Replacement Surgery Inspires Us All!

In the first week of February, Alec’s wife Hilaria shared with the media about the scheduled hip replacement procedure for Alec Baldwin that would be taking place in the few days. Alec Baldwin, a 59-year-old actor, producer, and writer had been suffering from hip Osteoarthritis which is a degenerative condition of the joints, commonly age-related.

Prior to the surgery, Hilaria reported on how she had had a busy day, but was looking forward to her stay at the hospital with her husband. She, later on, thanked everyone’s prayers as the surgery had been successfully concluded with the husband in the recovery room.

In less than a week of the surgery, Hilaria, who is pregnant and Alec Baldwin together with their two elder children were spotted out in New York City. Unlike in the past decades where patients had to stay put at home for almost two weeks, Alec Baldwin seemed completely comfortable and healthy supported by a crutch.

Interestingly, more celebrities have undergone replacement surgeries in the last two years reporting a better quality life. A hip replacement surgery is an orthopaedic procedure that replaces the diseased or the damaged hip with implants for normal function.

The procedure involves resurfacing various bones connected to the hip joint, generally removing the femoral and replacing it with an artificial bone. The latest innovative procedures are minimally invasive, performed in a few hours possible

Patient’s Evaluation

Undergoing a hip replacement surgery vividly requires a consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon. Your knee replacement approach ought to improve the prevailing conditions such as pain and inflexibility

The surgeon will also have to evaluate your weight, age, and extent of discomfort.

Unlike in the past, there is a variety of hip prosthesis that offers better longevity and maximum. The following are standard implant components from which the surgeon selects an approach suitable;

Metal on Metal (MOM)

This type of implant approach is generally made up of metal implants. The combination may be of cobalt-chromium alloys, titanium, or cobalt mixed metals

Ceramic on Metal, Ceramic on Polyethylene, and Ceramic on Ceramic

Ceramic hip prostheses are rarely used. The ceramic material is usually used in combination with special metal components for patients allergic to metals. There are various controversies on the use of ceramic and metal implants as ceramic implants seem to offer a longer longevity than the counterpart

Polyethylene & Metal on Polyethylene

Polyethylene is a high-quality metal-free plastic and the socket or acetabular liner is normally made from this plastic. Prostheses in this category are considered to be Metal on Polyethylene in case the socket is plastic and ball a metal

Hip Components You Must Know

  • Acetabular component

  • Femoral head

  • Acetabular liner

  • The Femoral stem

Walking after a Hip Replacement

Just like Alec Baldwin, many patients are able to walk within two weeks of a hip operation. Orthopaedic excellency plays a significant role in offering a friendly and speedy recovery period.

Proper rehabilitation with the help of a fully trained physiotherapist is crucial to improve the hip’s mobility. In case of pain after a hip surgery, patients are advised to contact their doctors as soon as possible

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