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Advantages of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL surgery is an acronym for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). This ligament is the connecting ligament between the femur(thigh bone) and tibia(shin bone). The ligament has a crucial role to play in the stability of the knee.

ACL surgery is used for treating the injuries to the ACL. The ACL may suffer from a problem or an injury due to sports activity or stress. The injury is seen more in women than in men. Not all cases require surgery in case of an injured ACL. Certain cases require ACL surgery.

The Nature of Injury

ACL may get damaged due to the position of the athlete during the sports activities. It usually occurs when the athlete is knocked out or is in a twisted position while the foot is still on the ground. ACL gets blown out in such cases. One may hear the ligament pop in some cases. The athletes experience pain and swelling within 24 hours of getting injured. The swelling posse difficulty for the doctor to examine the ligament and the damage. ACL can be tested fully after the swelling subsides, which usually takes around a week.

ACL: suitable for whom?

Although ACL does not affect the daily activities, sportspersons will be at a benefit if they undergo the surgery. It is important to get the ligament reconstructed so that you can play efficiently without your knee giving way or slipping away. So ACL reconstruction is necessary. In case you don’t indulge in sports, even then you should consider the option of the surgery as it will prevent you from getting cartilage damage, meniscus tears and early arthritis. According to the ortho doctor, ligament damage leads to a reduction in the support of the joint system.

If you are a young adult or under 18 years of age, you must opt for orthopaedic surgery so that you have no problems in leading an active life in the future.

People who are highly physically active in their daily life should opt for the surgery. Sich people include athletes and labourers.

People who, irrespective of their age or physical activity, an experience that their knee is giving way and those who have failed to respond to nonsurgical treatment should opt for ACL reconstruction surgery. The surgery has long term benefits as it repairs the damaged ACL. With the modern techniques, the surgery has become less invasive and cuts down on the need for opening incisions or requiring a full cast. We offer high-quality ACL surgery at our clinic to ensure that you stand on your feet all the time.

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