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8 Ways To Make Yourself Surgery Ready

So you are planning to go for a knee surgery? A knee replacement surgery is a surgery in which the knee is replaced by prosthetic in order to keep the knee in a painless, movable and functional condition. Good that you have scheduled the surgery. Even is it is several days away, plan your recovery from right now. If you take a few precautions and take good care of your health, you will recover faster and better. You will be doing yourself a great favor by planning ahead of the surgery-

1. Plan in advance

A knee replacement surgery will alter your lifestyle in many ways. You might not be able to do any strenuous activities after the surgery for a long time.

2. Query your doctor

Source out specific information from the doctor. Ask clear and precise questions about how long the surgery will take. Can it be performed without a hospital stay? Which anesthesia will be required? What about the rehabilitation plan? How long will it take to recover? Precisely how many days you will be off from work? Is there any need to bank the blood? What kind of anesthesia will be required? It’s best to note down the answers to these questions so that they don’t slip out of your mind.

3. Work out a workout plan

It’s a good idea to get into shape before the surgery. Physical fitness will ensure that you will recover faster. You should do the exercises after consulting your doctor. If you tone up your arms and upper body, you will have an easier time dealing with the crutches afterward. If you are overweight, it will help to lose some weight.

4.Quit the indulgences

Cigarettes and other tobacco products can hinder your recovery process. They might also cause infection and elevate your chances of complications later on. It is highly recommended that you quit the tobacco products before the surgery.

5.Practice for the post-surgery stage

Learn the physical therapy exercises you will need to do after the surgery.If you try them out, you will be more comfortable doing them later on. It is a good idea to test drive the crutches and the walker too.

6.Written aid

It is a good idea to write down or have a written record of the following conditions-
1.Any health conditions which you are suffering from
2.All your medications, prescriptions and supplements
3.Your doctor’s details including their names and phone numbers
4.Details of your insurance policy
5.Persons who must be contacted in case an emergency arises

7. Take the help of the relatives or friends

If you live alone, you are going to need somebody’ assistance. Ask a neighbor or a close relative or a friend to stand by you in the time of need. Allot them the duty of taking out the garbage, or bringing the mail. It’s really helpful if you freeze extra meals and keep your pantry well-stocked before you head for the surgery.

8. Make your home patient friendly

Move things around so that motion after the surgery can be easy. Clear your hallways and put up safety rails in your bathroom. You can also consider setting up a temporary bedroom on the upper floor. Keep everything you need within reach whether it is a mobile or any other necessity.

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