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7 Myths Related To Back and Neck Pain

We all experience back pain at some of the other point in our lives, whatever our age may be. During this period, we may opt for physiotherapy and symptomatic treatment. With our sedentary lifestyles, endless hours of sitting jobs and poor posture, it has become a common ailment. But the condition seems to be surrounded by a multitude of myths. Let us take a look at them and bust the myths.

1. I am too young to get a back problem

Don’t be fooled by the figures. Whatever your age, you will experience back pain. But the difference is that you might experience it only for a short soon. It will usually subside within 2-3 days or a week’s time. But it is better to ward off any long spells of the same condition by being active and indulging in some sort of exercise on a daily basis. The secret to a healthy back lies in strengthening the muscles. If you go this way, your back will be better equipped to handle any pain or injury. Walking and lifting are the ideal exercises for the back.

2. Rest will cure my neck/back ache

On the contrary, your body might be wanting some physical activity if you have this condition. Rest beyond 2 days will only weaken the spine. So try to resume your daily activities after a rest of 2-3 days, any amount of complete bed rest after that will have an opposite effect. So get going.

3. A backache means no activities like sports, jogging

You will not have to sacrifice your favorite activities just because your neck and back are playing truant. Consult a physician and he will guide you how to return to your favorite pastime after going through an exercise program tailor-made for you to relieve the Neck Pain. An ideal regimen will dinclude a combination of core muscle exercises and flexibility exercise.

4. I need to get myself scanned before initiating any treatment

Normally, the pain subsides after a span of 2-3 weeks. If it persists after 2-3 weeks, a scan could be recommended by the doctor. Visit a professional physician before jumping to any conclusions or going for scans.

5. A scan will definitely identify the cause of my pain

Post 40 years, your spine will be undergoing changes which will not result in any pain. So your doctor is the best person to guide you about your pain and your scanned images. It is not possible to detect postural problems, strain due to lifting heavy weights or a wrong manner of movement by the diagnostic scanning. Tests can assist you, but they can’t replace a doctor’s assessment.

6. If my weight is causing the problem, why didn’t my back ache before?

Excessive weight squeezes the disc in your spine and  causes pain An oversized belly causes your pelvic are to protrude thus resulting in a curved spine. This adds to the pain. An exercise regimen on a daily basis will ensure that endorphins (body’s natural painkillers be released), which will help in feeling better. Undertake activities which will help in reducing your weight.

7. Back Pain Will Disable You

Not at all true. It helps to stay motivated and facing your medical condition with a brave face. Lead a healthy lifestyle and resume your daily activities as soon as possible. Don’t overdo either the relaxation or the exercise. So adapt to your condition, don’t leave it in the hands of destiny.

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