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5 Most Effective Tips To Recover Fast After Hip Replacement Surgery

After having hip replacement surgery, it is obvious that we expect to resume our same lifestyle as it was before the surgery but we want it without pain. Well, surgical treatment for hip problems can give you painless and smooth life but returning to normal life is not easy, as you must have the patience to wait for some days and you must be committed to following all the instructions of your surgeon for better and faster recovery for optimized outcomes.

Things cannot be easy for you when you return to your immediate after the surgery, for instance, you need to learn new ways of bending down for safe recovery. Even you may need someone for your help like some family member, friend or caregiver. Here are some effective tips that can help you to recover fast after surgery at home :

Preparing Home

It is important to do your homework before the surgery which includes the preparations to be made at home for recovery such as

  • You must arrange your furniture so that you could easily maneuver with cane, walker or crutches after the surgery
  • Change your room if your room is upstairs as during recovery for a few days you will be asked to avoid stairs.
  • Place the necessary items like phone, remote control, medicines, reading stuff at the ease of your hand so that you need not to do more exertion or to bend down.

Wound Care

As during the hip replacement procedure, incisions are made to transplant the new hip so you would expect a wound after surgery. So it is important to take care about this wound for preventive and faster recovery, for instance, you need to keep the wound area clean and dry even during bath you must be careful that wound does not get wet. If you notice any sign of infection or bleeding then you must rush to your doctor for medical help.


For proper recovery, you can be prescribed some medications by the doctor. Even you can be recommended some medicines for wound healing an pain so you must take your medicines as prescribed by the doctor and at the proper time. Before taking any other over the counter medicine you should ask your doctor as otherwise, it could hamper your healing process.

If you are taking any blood thinning medicines then you must inform about them to your doctor so that accordingly he could suggest you the best way to take that medicines so that you could not have any side effect of them.


It is common to hear that eat healthy to stay healthy same is true for the patients of hip replacement as after the surgery your diet can contribute a lot for your faster recovery. You must choose the food items that are enriched with proper vitamins, iron or other nutrients so that you could have a faster recovery. Even the doctors prescribe for the iron and vitamin supplements for faster recovery.

Vitamin K is essential for recovery of your body so you can have the foods like lentils beans, sprouts, green beans, spinach, turnip or cabbage that are enriched with vitamin K and even you must avoid the junk food as it could hamper the healing process of your body.

Stay active

As you may be advised to take rest after the surgery but it is important to stay active after the surgery so with the doctor’s advice you can have a light walk of few minutes after surgery as otherwise you could be at risk of formation of blood clots or swelling on the treated area.

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