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3 Top Most Effective Ways to Treat Ankle or Feet Arthritis

These days it has become common to hear about arthritis especially in the feet or ankle due which more than people become unable to stand or walk properly. This painful condition generally occurs in the age of 60s and 70s. Fortunately even in this later age patients can get the treatment for their painful feet or ankle arthritis. Before understanding the treatment let us understand something more about arthritis.



What is the ankle or feet arthritis?

Arthritis is basically a condition of damaged or painful joints that could happen due to many reasons but mostly it occurs due to wear and tear to the soft tissue between the bones of joint as a result of which inflammation, redness or swelling may appear in the joints. When we talk about only the feet or ankle arthritis then it means you could have the same symptoms in the joints of feet and ankle. Due to this condition, it becomes really hard for a person to walk or even sometimes stand.

When it comes about the treatment then there are three most popular ways to tackle this condition.

3 effective ways of treating feet or ankle arthritis

Generally, the doctors recommend the specific treatment to specific patient depending on the extent and severity of the condition and according to physical health and fitness of the patient but the most common ways for treating arthritis are as follows:


If the patient has arthritis in the front or middle of the foot then this method can give him relief from the pain. In this treatment, shoe wear modification and stiffening the insoles is recommended to the patient. If the patient has arthritis in ankle or back of the boot then braces and shoe modifications can help the patient to get relief from the pain.


Sometimes doctors may also recommend for some anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections so that swelling and pain can be managed and even the dose of this medication is also recommended by the doctor as per the extent of pain in the joint.


If the patient does not get any relief from above two ways then doctors may recommend for the surgical treatment of feet or ankle arthritis in which problematic joint of the patient is replaced with the artificial joint so that patient could get relief from pain and he could restore his normal activities.


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