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What Is The Best Way To Treat Sports Injuries?

People in most professions feel they need to move around more but their occupation binds them to their chairs. As sedentary lifestyle takes its toll on our lives and health, many people think of taking up activities at weekends. It’s a good idea but it can lead to unwanted sprains and injuries. After a sedentary week full of official work and not moving much from your chair, you might be susceptible to injuries if you plan to take up sports activities. Let’s take a look at the most common injuries and Sports Injury Treatment:

1. Ankle Sprain

Most of the sports injuries constitute pulls and sprains. An ankle sprain is a very common problem the sportspersons face. It usually occurs when the foot turns inwards. The turning triggers the wear and tear of ligaments. Ligaments of the ankles are relatively weak as compared to other parts of the foot. In order to avoid ankle sprain,it is important to exercise the area so that the flexibility increases. Exercise will also help in gaining strength in the required area. Physical therapy is a good option which you should try to resolve the ankle issues. If the sprain is extremely painful, it is best to see a doctor. It will take longer to heal and it should be checked if the bones in the lower leg are in the correct position or not. Sometimes, they separate out and the result can be quite uncomfortable.

2. Groin Pull

Pushing and pulling motion causes strain of the inner muscle and groin area. A groin injury is common in sports like Soccer, Hockey football, and baseball. Rest for some days if you have a groin injury.Returning too soon to play after such an injury will impair the healing process. Compression and ice packs can also be used to help the groin injury in healing. If the pain persists and the condition is accompanied by swelling of the area, it is time to see a doctor.

3. Hamstring Strain

A hamstring is a group of three muscles which are at the back of the thigh. Movements such as hurdling or kicking vigorously can cause strain in the hamstring. It is common to see hamstring strains in water skiers who fall forward. These injuries are slower to heal as the tissue is constantly under pressure due to walking. It is a common condition and takes about 6 to 12 months to heal.

4. Shin Splints

Pain in the front area of the lower legs is commonly called shin splints. Running triggers such conditions.They are caused as a result of strenuous running programs such as long runs on paved roads. The best way to treat them is to apply ice, or take medications. Rest is also recommended till the pain subsides.

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