Ankle replacement surgery

Ankle replacement Surgery

Ankle replacement surgery(ankle arthroplasty) is a surgery required for the patients who are suffering from arthritis of the ankle.

This surgery helps you to relieve the ankle pain and restore you from the painful movement of the ankle arthritis or severely injured ankle joint.

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Do you need total ankle replacement surgery?

If you suffer from painful ankle arthritis, then the nonsurgical treatment will not be an effective treatment. Then you can undergo surgical treatment. That is commonly known as Arthroplasty.
Arthroplasty is the best alternative if you want to return to a normal lifestyle. This is a new treatment that helps you to relieve from the ankle fusion, but at the same time, this will limit your range of the motion during the treatment phase and its recovery.

What are the factors that need to consider before the arthroplasty?

• Your foot and the ankle surgeon will check the condition of the ankle arthritis.
• Even different sorts of braces are a failure for the patient to cope up with pain.
• Other factors like age, health and the activity help to determine whether you are the right candidate or not.

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What is done during the procedure?

• During the procedure, your torn ankle will be replaced by metal and plastic artificial joint. This will also minimize your ankle natural movement for some time and later on will be improved with appropriate recovery time and exercises.
• This will help you with a more natural gait. This will also protect you from developing arthritis. This will lead to less pain and more range of the motion gradually.

What is the recovery time period of arthroplasty?

The recovery time period is usually three to six weeks, followed by the physical therapy.

How to choose the surgeon for arthroplasty?

• Ankle replacement surgery is the new and complex procedure that should be performed by that person who is specialized in this procedure.

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