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Your Active Participation In Some Sports Or Activities Can Help You After A Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery can give you more youthful life as it is quite effective procedure that can give you relief from painful knee which was earlier hindrance for doing proper routine activities. After surgery, you can perform all your daily activities without difficulty mostly after 3 months. Our surgeons make sure about the optimized results after surgery so they also suggest you to take part in specific sports and activities that can be helpful for you after surgery.

Following are some sports and activities in which you can take part for best knee health and functioning

Aerobic exercises

Patients are asked to do light exercises after surgery at least for 30 minutes so that they could have strong knee after replacement with proper functioning. Following exercises can be done in aerobics.

  1. Walking is one of the best and light exercises to build up strength of your knee and even help in burning calories. After surgery, you can start with smaller steps and can lead to longer walk for best knee health. However, patients are asked to avoid running as running is high impact exercise so it is not recommended after surgery.
  2. Swimming is also light exercise that gives activeness to our body without putting much stress on knee. Patients can resume swimming even after 6 weeks of surgery but with the advice of concerned doctor.
  3. Gentle modern dancing can work greatly for activeness of your body and even it is good exercise to use led muscles. However, patients are asked to avoid twisting and abrupt movements while dancing after knee surgery.
  4. Cycling is also quite good exercise for knee health. Patients are asked to start cycling from slow and less distance but with time they can increase distance and speed.
  5. Workout with elliptical machines also good option to strengthen knee so patients can go for this exercise after knee surgery.

Activities for flexibility enhancement

Following are some activities that patient can do for good strength and flexibility of knee after surgery

  1. Yoga is great activity to prevent stiffness of knee and improve flexibility of knee after surgery. Patients are recommended for yoga but by avoiding twisting movements.
  2. Weightlifting can also help the patients as it is great way to make bones strong but should be done under guidelines of instructor.
  3. Light exercises like crunches, pushups and lunges can also help in improving the overall knee health and flexibility.

Other than above exercises and activities patients are asked to do some recreational activities that could help them to have good knee health. Some activities like Golf, doubles tennis, rowing and bowling can help you to have flexibility of knee.

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