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ACL Tear – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

ACL tear is also called a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. It is a common sports injury that can happen even without playing sports.

One bone is attached to the other by ligaments. The knee has four primary ligaments but the ACL is the most injured.

The ACL is one of the four primary ligaments of the knee, connecting the anterior upper part of the shinbone to the posterior lower part of the femur.

It is also helpful to prevent the shin from sliding forward and provides rotational stability to the knee. A tear or strain in the knee that helps keep someone immobile can make it difficult for them to move around.

There are three types of injured ligaments, also called sprains. In grade 3 sprains the ligament is torn which makes the joint too loose or unstable.

In most ACL injuries, the ligament is completely torn in two. Most of these injuries occur in the middle of the ligament or when the ligament is pulled from the thigh bone.


Symptoms of ACL Tear

Pain and Discomfort: For most people injury prevents them from doing whatever activity they were doing. They have a feeling of pain or tenderness in the joint area, especially when weight is placed on the injured leg.

Knee Popping: A person may feel or hear “popping” in the knee when the ACL is injured.

Loss of Motion: After an Acl tear, an uncomfortable feeling while walking can also cause a loss of the full range of motion. There is also a feeling of instability in the knee.

Swelling of the knee: Excessive swelling develops within six hours of an ACL injury and can last for several weeks.

Some people may resume activity immediately after injury. However, after a sprain, a person is often unable to continue normal activities.

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Causes of ACL Injury

Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee are most sudden and unplanned. Anyone can get an ACL injury, but severity depends upon the conditions, activities and risk factors.


Knee Trauma

A knee injury is another common cause of ACL injury, especially if your knee is too big. This could be due to a tackle, collision, or some kind of trauma on or off the playground


Poor Conditioning

Playing games is a great way to stay in shape and socialize. But when you start playing or start a game for recreation and fitness, it is important to start slowly and build up the level. Working hard when your body is out of shape increases the risk of all kinds of injuries which include ACL tears or stress.


Previously Torn ACL

A previously repaired ACL is about 15% more likely to rupture than a normal ACL. The risk is highest in the first year after the initial injury.


Being A Woman

Women have a higher risk of ACL injury than men. Female athletes are three times more likely to have ACL injuries than males. The reason for this may be hormonal differences between men and women and differences in muscle strength.


Wrong Shoes

It is advisable to wear sneakers or other good footwear that are comfortable and fit properly, such as cleats. Torn shoes or improper footwear can put stress on your joints and ligaments. They can be the reason for falls or slips.


Participation in Some Sports

ACL tears commonly occur in sports such as tennis, downhill skiing, basketball, football soccer, and volleyball. These games require frequent and sudden downshifts, such as pivoting, stopping, turning, cutting, and jumping that increase the risk of ACL injuries.


Any trauma such as a car accident, a fall from a ladder, or losing a step on a ladder can sometimes cause an ACL injury.


Treatment of ACL Injury in Ludhiana

Treatment depends on the activity level of the patient and the severity of the damage. Reconstructive surgery is most needed to reduce pain and mobility problems and to restore stability after an ACL tear. Such tears cannot heal on their own.

Some people, with a lower activity level, choose a strengthening program instead of surgery. However, they may face instability during normal activities like walking, stair climbing etc.

The prognosis of complete ACL tears without surgery is not very good. But with rehabilitation, most people can resume their normal functioning and wellness activities after surgery without any symptoms of knee instability.

Strength, balance, and coordination are almost back to normal after surgery, allowing a person to lead an unrestricted, normal life.



ACL tear is a common injury that can occur to any adult. It can be painful and can interfere with normal activities. According to Dr. Tanveer Bhutani, The best way to treat this injury is ACL reconstruction surgery.

It allows the patient to resume a normal lifestyle in a short span of time with the help of physical therapy along with it.

Dr. Bhutani has successfully performed several surgeries and helped sportsmen and individuals to resume the same level of activity as before the surgery.

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