Accident & Trauma Surgery

Common orthopedic procedures for the accidental & traumatic patients

Trauma is the physical injuries that are caused by the accidents and impacts. Trauma patients are those victims that simple fall at home to the complex patients that are following the road accidents.
Trauma involves the multiple types of the injuries like brain, chest, abdomen, blood vessels, nerves etc. we are providing the best accident & trauma surgery in India.

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What are the common orthopedic procedures for the accidental & traumatic patients?

Nailing: In this procedure, fractures with long bones are fixed with the long nails and screws. All the fractures related to the arms, thighs, and legs are usually fixed with the nail. With the help of the load sharing, patients start walking with the next day of the surgery.

Compression Plating: Most of the smaller bones like forearm and hands are cured with the compression plates and the screws. This will help to align the fractures properly. This also involves the early mobilization of the affected area.

Locking plate fixation: This is the most recent advancement in the Orthopedic. These plates are helpful to provide the more rigid fixation. This will also lead to the implant failure in the elderly patients.

Minimally invasive fixation (MIPPO technique): The next advancement in the surgical procedure is the minimum invasive surgery. This is more cosmetic in nature. In this technique, there will be the usage of the smaller incisions and there is also fewer chances of the tissue damage. This process involves the fastest wound healing and the faster recovery.

External fixation: The fractions with different kinds of the wounds are the result of the infection. There may be cases where the routine or the nail fixation will not work. In that case, external fixation method is used in order to fix these fractures in order to heal the soft tissues. This is not the permanent but the temporary mode of the fracture element.

Ilizarov fixation:
This also comes under the category of the external fixation. This is mostly used in the grossly or infected fractures. In this case, routine surgeries are not performed. This is mostly performed in the deformity correction or limb lengthening procedures.

The accident & trauma surgery cost in India is far less than as compared to other countries. Moreover, cost of each type of the orthopedic surgery is different; there are numbers of factors that need to be considered before calculating the procedure.

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