Knee Arthroscopy: How Good Is This Surgical Approach?

Truth be told, Knee Arthroscopy is an advanced surgical procedure with greater efficacy in the orthopaedic sphere. Hundreds annually undergo the surgery to correct different knee problems that require expertise. With this surgical approach, the patient is able to return to all his normal activities within a week or two. What is a Knee Arthroscopy […]

Replenishment After Knee Ligament Surgery

It is of utmost importance to grasp the each and every step of ACL treatment by the prone athletes or ligament tear patients to recover the knee problem soon , if they do not understand the problem then sometimes post-injury patients starts continuing their walking and jogging after which their problem exacerbate to a point […]

Your Postoperative Knee Replacement Surgery Concerns Explained

A knee replacement surgery is essential in case one’s life is at the edge, basically, arthritic patients with severe pain are suitable candidates for knee replacement. As opposed to traditional beliefs, modern knee replacement procedures are considered minimally invasive. In fact, an individual can undergo a knee replacement surgery and walk the following day. Life […]

Are you postponing your Knee Replacement Surgery? This is what you Must Do or Abstain from

Postponing a knee replacement surgery isn’t a rare decision and in fact, hundreds have postponed their knee replacement procedures for a year or more. Mostly, this may result from fear of having a metal or a plastic compartment fixed into one’s body, medical conditions, or lack of finances. Either way, being a knee replacement candidate […]

Total Knee Replacement vs Partial Knee Replacement: What is the Ideal Treatment for Patients?

Deciding on the suitable form of arthritis treatment approach when it comes to surgery is a bit more complicated and perplexing on the side of the patient. However, as technology facilitates more precision, accuracy and desired outcomes, the young and old parading for knee replacement surgery are many compared to the old days in an […]

Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgeries

Robotic-assisted knee replacement surgeries are a major step in orthopaedics, bring about excellent customization and efficacy. The state-of-the-art procedure is performed by an extremely trained surgeon who controls the robotic arm with the guidance of the 3D model and lastly fixes the implant in the precise location of the joint, without damaging or sculpting healthy […]

Total Knee Replacement Approaches Improving Lives

Advancement in technology and specifically the Orthopaedic sphere has led to the advent of new surgical approaches that are minimally invasive and offer more quality life with a high life expectancy to patients. Latest knee prosthesis mainly consists of three major categories; the tibial component, the femoral component and the polyethylene. Depending on the patient’s […]

Common (Total Knee Replacements) Orthopaedic Questions & Their Answers

Consider this article as a guide to your knee replacement surgery or related treatments that may be required upon consulting an orthopaedic surgeon. Since patients’ conditions differ, there isn’t any direct approach to meeting actual requirements for each patient at this approach, but our Orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani is an excellent choice when […]