Knee Arthroscopy: How Good Is This Surgical Approach?

Truth be told, Knee Arthroscopy is an advanced surgical procedure with greater efficacy in the orthopaedic sphere. Hundreds annually undergo the surgery to correct different knee problems that require expertise. With this surgical approach, the patient is able to return to all his normal activities within a week or two. What is a Knee Arthroscopy […]

Double knee replacement surgery and its up keeping

Many reasons prevail when a patient experience knee problem, it may be due to any disease, cartilage damage or wear and tear in joint then doctor usually prescribes to get their knees replaced. Sometimes surgeons recommend to get substituted their knee or affected knee part with artificial one this process is call prosthesis which is […]

Your Postoperative Knee Replacement Surgery Concerns Explained

A knee replacement surgery is essential in case one’s life is at the edge, basically, arthritic patients with severe pain are suitable candidates for knee replacement. As opposed to traditional beliefs, modern knee replacement procedures are considered minimally invasive. In fact, an individual can undergo a knee replacement surgery and walk the following day. Life […]

Total Knee Replacement vs Partial Knee Replacement: What is the Ideal Treatment for Patients?

Deciding on the suitable form of arthritis treatment approach when it comes to surgery is a bit more complicated and perplexing on the side of the patient. However, as technology facilitates more precision, accuracy and desired outcomes, the young and old parading for knee replacement surgery are many compared to the old days in an […]

Primary & Secondary Osteoarthritis: The Actual Difference Between the Two Conditions

Ideally, many patients experience stiffness, achiness, inflexibility in either of the knee joints without a definite cause. In the early stages, these symptoms are often taken for granted relating them to weather changes, tiredness, or anything else. However, in orthopaedics, these are the fundamental factors or symptoms that can cause extreme damage to the knee […]