Hip Arthroplasty in Younger Patients (Below 30 Years): Uncemented Hip Replacement a Definite Approach

In a study, 48 total hip replacements were evaluated using an uncemented total hip prosthesis in 44 patients. Of these, 28 were females aged 30 and below. These had been diagnosed with an osteoarthritis triggered by congenital dislocations in 28 patients and the rest were diagnosed with an infection, sequelae of fracture, avascular necrosis and […]

An Evaluation for Hip Replacement?- Your Candidacy

The final command of conducting a hip replacement on your body comes from you and the decision is generally finalized with the help of family members and an experienced orthopaedic surgeon. You may question your eligibility for a hip replacement surgery, but the following topics should help you eliminate any doubt, fear, and stress that […]

A Precise Coverage of Total Hip Replacement Series

The demand for total hip replacement procedures increases annually and the expertise in the orthopaedic field is believed to be the greatest influence. In case planning to undergo a total hip replacement or underwent one previously, you might be interested in what we have to discuss in this article. What your Total Hip Replacement surgery […]

6 Important Post Operative Tips for a Successful Hip Recovery

Attaining the ultimate benefits of a total hip replacement not only lie in the hands of an orthopaedic surgeon, reducing weight and certainly heading to a rehabilitation centre (physiotherapy), but also in a patient’s hands. There are a few basic steps to follow such as performing simple tasks at home to prevent blood clots, maintaining […]

How Alec Baldwin’s Hip Replacement Surgery Inspires Us All!

In the first week of February, Alec’s wife Hilaria shared with the media about the scheduled hip replacement procedure for Alec Baldwin that would be taking place in the few days. Alec Baldwin, a 59-year-old actor, producer, and writer had been suffering from hip Osteoarthritis which is a degenerative condition of the joints, commonly age-related. […]