Your Postoperative Knee Replacement Surgery Concerns Explained

A knee replacement surgery is essential in case one’s life is at the edge, basically, arthritic patients with severe pain are suitable candidates for knee replacement. As opposed to traditional beliefs, modern knee replacement procedures are considered minimally invasive. In fact, an individual can undergo a knee replacement surgery and walk the following day. Life […]

Considering Hip Replacement due to Osteoarthritis? What Do Orthopaedic Doctors Say?

An insight on Osteoarthritis and whether everyone can put up with a surgery. Osteoarthritis has for decades affected ageing individuals, but lately, the victims are increasing. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that triggers damage and loss of cartilage in one or more of the body joints. Osteoarthritis commonly affects the older adults or the […]

This is Why You might get Knee Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint condition that was initially known to affect the old, but the current studies depict escalating arthritis cases in individuals aged 50 and above. According to a recently conducted study, India will have 60 million cases of osteoarthritis by 2025. The study also indicated that osteoarthritis is the most prevalent type of […]

Are you postponing your Knee Replacement Surgery? This is what you Must Do or Abstain from

Postponing a knee replacement surgery isn’t a rare decision and in fact, hundreds have postponed their knee replacement procedures for a year or more. Mostly, this may result from fear of having a metal or a plastic compartment fixed into one’s body, medical conditions, or lack of finances. Either way, being a knee replacement candidate […]

Can Cracking My Knuckles Trigger Arthritis?

What are Knuckles? You may have heard of this term or not, but either way, knuckles are parts of your fingers where the bone extends up in case you fold the hand or fingers. Cracking knuckles is commonly done during any activity that involves your hands, such as typing or writing. The exercise in simple […]

Total Knee Replacement vs Partial Knee Replacement: What is the Ideal Treatment for Patients?

Deciding on the suitable form of arthritis treatment approach when it comes to surgery is a bit more complicated and perplexing on the side of the patient. However, as technology facilitates more precision, accuracy and desired outcomes, the young and old parading for knee replacement surgery are many compared to the old days in an […]

Why Are Women More Getting Osteoarthritis?

According to orthopaedic studies, the incidence of osteoarthritis in men and women increases with age. However, more cases of arthritis are diagnosed in women after the age of 55 than in males. Studies, as well as orthopaedic doctors, stress that the number of women suffering from osteoarthritis after the age of 55 is significantly higher […]

Primary & Secondary Osteoarthritis: The Actual Difference Between the Two Conditions

Ideally, many patients experience stiffness, achiness, inflexibility in either of the knee joints without a definite cause. In the early stages, these symptoms are often taken for granted relating them to weather changes, tiredness, or anything else. However, in orthopaedics, these are the fundamental factors or symptoms that can cause extreme damage to the knee […]

6 Important Post Operative Tips for a Successful Hip Recovery

Attaining the ultimate benefits of a total hip replacement not only lie in the hands of an orthopaedic surgeon, reducing weight and certainly heading to a rehabilitation centre (physiotherapy), but also in a patient’s hands. There are a few basic steps to follow such as performing simple tasks at home to prevent blood clots, maintaining […]