Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgeries

Robotic-assisted knee replacement surgeries are a major step in orthopaedics, bring about excellent customization and efficacy. The state-of-the-art procedure is performed by an extremely trained surgeon who controls the robotic arm with the guidance of the 3D model and lastly fixes the implant in the precise location of the joint, without damaging or sculpting healthy […]

How Alec Baldwin’s Hip Replacement Surgery Inspires Us All!

In the first week of February, Alec’s wife Hilaria shared with the media about the scheduled hip replacement procedure for Alec Baldwin that would be taking place in the few days. Alec Baldwin, a 59-year-old actor, producer, and writer had been suffering from hip Osteoarthritis which is a degenerative condition of the joints, commonly age-related. […]

Common Sports Injuries, Prevention, & Treatment

Sports injuries occur during athletic activities and exercises. These injuries occur in both teenagers or kids and adults as long as involved in any sports activity. The various or commonest sports injuries include; Groin Pull Ankle Sprain Shin Splints ACL Tear (Knee Injury) Tennis Elbow (epicondylitis) Hamstring Strain Knee Injury Generally, sports injuries are divided […]

Total Knee Replacement Approaches Improving Lives

Advancement in technology and specifically the Orthopaedic sphere has led to the advent of new surgical approaches that are minimally invasive and offer more quality life with a high life expectancy to patients. Latest knee prosthesis mainly consists of three major categories; the tibial component, the femoral component and the polyethylene. Depending on the patient’s […]

Common (Total Knee Replacements) Orthopaedic Questions & Their Answers

Consider this article as a guide to your knee replacement surgery or related treatments that may be required upon consulting an orthopaedic surgeon. Since patients’ conditions differ, there isn’t any direct approach to meeting actual requirements for each patient at this approach, but our Orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani is an excellent choice when […]

How to Reduce Knee Pain

A majority of individuals with severe osteoarthritis are those aged above 55. Severe knee pain can also result from improperly treated knees after a fatal accident that reduces the knee’s efficiency and capacity. Things, like climbing the stairs, walking around, or enjoying a party may become a myth due to the intense pain that results […]

Knee Replacement procedure – Preventative measures to Cure your Knee After procedure

Recovery time is dependent upon the type of the procedure. You must follow the advice of your orthopaedic surgeon regarding the knee recovery. What are the various preventative measures in order to cure your knee properly after the Knee replacement procedure? After the procedure, if it is essential, your surgeon will give you the painkiller. […]